Foreign Exchange Dealing Room

  • Foreign currency Conversions/purchases (Same day, Spot).
    Quotes are provided immediately, without Commission, and without any Delivery risk.
  • Foreign currency receipts & payments/transfers in Israel and abroad (3rd party payment receipt/transfers).
  • Hedging Transactions to neutralize Currency and Interest Rate exposure and risk:
    – Forward Transactions.
    – Options (Regular and Exotic) and a combination between them.
    – FRA, IRS, CPI, SWAP transactions.
  • Accompaniment and guidance in the processes of Exposure analysis, Credit Risk management, Interest Rate, Financing and International Trade.

Institutional Services

Unique services for:

  • Provident fund managers
  • Study fund managers
  • Mutual fund management companies
  • Investment fund managers
  • Nostro account owners

Personal expert advice for foreign currency activities, including

  • Assisting analysis and decision-making on foreign currency and interest rate exposure
  • Obtaining real-time information on market developments and important trends
  • Executing foreign currency conversion/purchase transactions (swap, same day, overnight)
  • Hedging deals to neutralize foreign currency and interest rate exposure:
    – Forward transactions
    – Regular and exotic options and combinations of such options
    – Swap, CPI, IRS, and FRA transactions

The Advantages

  • Professional advice at every stage of characterizing, analyzing and executing a transaction, without the client having to pay any commission
  • Savings in implementation costs
  • Safe deal
  • Professional and unique back office service

Economic Department

  • Build and implement a strategic action plan when the program contains various aspects in the fields of R&D, operations (supply chain), marketing and sales, business development, finances, human resources, and organizational culture.
  • Offer thoughtful economic advice in various areas, including a unique focus on the organization’s investments and an examination of the financial risks.
  • Conduct due diligence reviews, company value, and option value estimates.
  • Provide advice and counsel concerning acquisitions and mergers.
  • Conduct project feasibility studies and developing business plans.
  • Financial statement analysis, preparation, and budgetary control.
  • Offer economic opinions to the courts (amicus curiae & testimony).
  • Locate and counsel international initiatives in a variety of fields of endeavor.