International options by Jonathan Gimpelevich

One of the most profitable, mesmerizing and exciting areas in the world of investments is options investment. This book is a practical guide for achieving handsome profits, even in exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances, by getting to understand the options that are traded on stock exchanges around the world.
In clear and simple language, the book tells the reader how to combine options traded on international markets, by citing dozens of examples based on real data.
Anyone, and not just financial managers and advisers, accountants, attorneys, and students, who want to learn about this exciting and profitable subject, will find this book invaluable.
After reading this book, investors whose assets portfolio includes stocks, will learn find out that there is a way of getting a fixed monthly yield, without any additional effort or risk.
The book presents professional investment approaches with longstanding track records and which are used by investment firms worldwide.

A Guide for hedging the risks in foreign currency

In the contemporary era of global business, risk reduction and neutralization in foreign currency volatility is critical for all small and mid-sized businesses. In this era, it is vital that the appropriate tools are used to hedge against risks from such exchange rate volatility.
Small and mid-sized businesses do not give this issue sufficient attention, because they believe that currency hedging is expensive and complicated, and that it is the preserve of big companies.
The use of tools to neutralize and reduce the risks from foreign currency volatility will sometimes prevent a company from suffering unimaginable harm and heavy losses.